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Part of being a door and lock expert entails getting questions about our services from clients. We at eagledoorslock naturally have frequently asked questions. Here are some of them.

What sets you apart from other door repair companies?

Many clients are uncertain about hiring a door repair company because they are afraid that the problem will recur and most times, it actually does. However, we can assure you that after servicing your door whether for a replacement or repair, the result will last you for a long time to come. We cannot say the same of other companies in this industry. We should be on your speed dial because no other door company will meet your needs the way we do.

What procedure do you follow?

First, we will find out as much as we can about your door problem from you. We will then give you a price quote based on our assessment of your problem because most of the time we know what to do so as to fix the problem. After that, we will discuss the best time to fix your problem depending on your schedule. This is because we are always available to serve you regardless of the time. On the day of the job, we will get to your location in good time and fix the problem. We prefer that you be present while we do the work for the process to be straightforward and clear for both parties. Nevertheless, if you cannot be present, you can still trust us to deliver an exceptional job. We treat our clients and their property with utmost respect and we always give tips on how to maintain your door so that it can last longer without any hitches. We will not leave unless you are satisfied, and we clean up after completing a job.

Is your quote the same as other companies?

No. Our quote will sometimes be higher than other companies for the following reasons.

  • We import high-quality material and we extend some of the importation costs to our customers. We can never try to cut costs by using substandard material.
  • We have no additional or hidden costs once we have provided you with the actual cost of fixing your door unlike other companies that will have other charges even after giving you an estimate.
  • If we have to do additional work just to ensure that your door serves you for longer, we will do it. We do not go for shortcuts.

Do you really work all day, every day?

Yes. When we say we are a twenty-four hour service company, we mean exactly that. It does not matter what time you call us, we will be there.

Do you guarantee your products?

Yes we do. Any reputable company should have a guarantee that stands behind their work. This is a way of showing clients that you know what you are doing. We offer the industry standard one year manufacturer warranty on all our parts and we equal the manufacture warranty on the labor.