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Residential Door Repair

Residential Door Repair

Natural events such as harsh weather can cause your front door frame to crack or break. The screen on your patio door can split or your key can get stuck. Of course, such events are beyond your control but regardless of what issue you are facing, we at eagledoorslock can fix it. With our years of experience in the industry, we have earned our place as the most trusted residential door repair company. Aside from our experience, we also have the qualifications and our attention to detail is unmatchable. We handle all kinds of residential door repair including patio, screen, sliding, and front door frames. Regardless of your door brand, our professionals can repair it.

Instant damage evaluation

More often than not, when you place a call to us, we will be at your location within half an hour. Upon arrival, we will analyze the extent of damage to your door and embark on repairing it immediately. You can rest assured that we will not waste your time as we carry with us all the required materials and tools for any door repair job. Our repairs are of high quality and last for a long time. When it comes to residential door repair, we do not offer temporary solutions. Our goal is to fix problems so that they do not re-occur and leave you with a door that is stronger, safer, and looks new. We also do door replacements, so you can get a new one if you so wish.

Alignment, replacements, and tune-ups

Modern homes now have sliding doors leading to backyards and patios. Our professionals are able to handle all aspects of sliding door repairs such as the replacement of tracks, locks, handles, and rollers. If your sliding door has the automatic function, we can also fix it, tune it up and align it if it is necessary.

Round the clock residential door repair

Do not be scared of experiencing emergency situations when it comes to your doors because we have you covered. For instance, if you experience a home invasion and require a new door as soon as possible, we can take care of it. We are on standby round the clock to ensure that when you require emergency door repair, we are available. Whatever time of day it is our emergency door repair technicians will get to you as fast as possible and repair the damage rapidly so you can get back to your normal routine.

We do not limit our residential door repair services to back and front doors. We also do garage door repairs because all kinds of doors are our specialty. If it is malfunctioning, we can definitely fix it. We repair and replace openers, rollers, and motors. If your door is beyond repair, we can entirely replace it. We are synonymous with quality service and our clients can attest to that. If you want to be a part of our satisfied and loyal client base, we are more than happy to serve you.